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Letter from the Board

In the spring of 2018 it became apparent that the grocery store was not financially sustainable and needed to close in order to reorganize. It was an incredibly difficult decision that we did not take lightly. Since the initial closing we worked diligently to create a new plan that would allow us to reopen and return to the original vision of bringing healthy food to our neighborhood. We worked with a variety of individuals and community organizations throughout this challenging period.

We know that you were patiently waiting to hear from us and it is with much sadness that we write to you with the news that the Wirth Cooperative Grocery will not be reopening. Unfortunately we were not able to put together a plan that would allow the store to reopen. We share your pain in hearing this. This may be the end of Wirth Coop but it is not the end of our shared goal of bringing healthier foods to the Northside. We are especially grateful for the amount of time we were given by the lenders and the building owner to get our business back up and running. We must recognize the years of hard work and sustained vision from you, the membership. Without you this would not have been possible. Thank you for believing that we could own something great together, pay our employees with dignity and govern our business through democracy. Stay fresh!