You are excited for Wirth Cooperative Grocery. You are ready to have access to a diverse selection of foods in your neighborhood. You have literally bought into the mission of a community-owned grocery store by becoming a member – even before food has hit the shelves. You’re on board and if you are wondering what other simple things you can do to help make Wirth Co-op a reality, here are eight ideas for members to recruit new members:

  1. Social Media: Follow and Retweet Wirth’s Twitter feeds. Invite friends to “Like” the Wirth Facebook feeds. Share Wirth’s blog posts (like this one!).
  2. Faith Communities: Make an announcement at your place of worship, inviting your faith community to make a difference in their community through access to good food.
  3. Co-workers: Tell your colleagues about why you’re excited for the Wirth Co-op, and let them know how they can join.
  4. Neighbors: Take an hour to go door-to-door and share about Wirth with the people on your block (contact us for up-to-date FAQ’s and materials).
  5. Volunteer: Farmer’s markets are coming and are a great opportunity for people to purchase local, fresh fruits and vegetables. Sign up to volunteer with Wirth to spread the word and recruit new members.
  6. House Party: Host a gathering to promote the Co-op (Wirth Co-op can arrange to have a board member or representative come to talk about the project).
  7. Wirth Co-op Outreach Committee: Join the team of people who plan events and represent Wirth in community events to increase visibility and membership. If interested, email [email protected]
  8. Insert Your Idea Here: Send us your ideas (via the ‘Contact’ tab on the Wirth website) – and then make them happen!

We are well on our way to seeing years of work come to fruition in Wirth Cooperative Grocery. Thank you for believing in Wirth and casting the vision for others to join us!


Written by: Andrew Ulasich