Membership is ownership! When you become a member of Wirth Co-op Grocery, you are not paying an annual membership fee, you are making a one-time equity investing into the business and becoming a co-owner of the co-op. This is what makes Wirth Co-op Grocery a community-owned business.

How much is Member-Ownership? Member-ownership is a one-time investment of $100. The following payment plans are available for the $100 investment.

  • Full-payment plan is a lump sum payment of $100
  • An installment plan is available to pay the full-stock investment of $100 in 4-payments of $25 over the course of a year
  • Those who qualify for WIC, SNAP, MN Care, MN Medical Assistance, or Social Security Disability Insurance can partake in our needs-based ownership plan, GROW (Growing Right Opportunity with Wirth) where ownership can be purchased for $15 upfront and the remaining $85 will be earned through future owner equity patronage refunds until it is paid in full.

*Note: Wirth Co-op members who are currently on the installment plan and eligible for the GROW plan can contact us at [email protected] to transfer over to the GROW plan, if desired. Wirth Co-op cannot refund payments made to date but will immediately transfer your ownership and payment plan to GROW.