Dear Member,

This is the homestretch.

It’s been nearly a decade. Community members have come together, contributing their skills and resources to bring a cooperative grocery store to North Minneapolis. We would not be where we are today without your support and contributions. Thank you for your unwavering support.

As you know, we have faced many challenges in working to make Wirth Cooperative Grocery a reality, but we are proud to tell you that our funding is nearing completion; we are moving full-steam ahead to open our doors! We have obtained a $500,000 federal grant that makes this possible. We must begin using this grant or it will expire in September. Thankfully, with one final push, we are on track for success! We are excited to announce Build Membership Month!

Build Membership Month

Over the next month, with your help, we will significantly increase Wirth membership and investment. We know that over the years you have seen some false starts, and we acknowledge and understand members’ hesitations. Now with community lending institutions firmly behind our efforts, we can build momentum together. In the cooperative spirit, members will help decide the fate of our long-coveted dream.

$40,000 stands between us and a store. This is a bare minimum. We need all the funding we can get to ensure the store is able to respond to changes and meet the needs of its members. To read more about the details of our current standing, please see our new FAQ page here.

How are we going to raise $40,000 you ask? Our strategy for Build Membership Month consists of a three-pronged approach:

  1. More Members! – The easiest way to reach our goal is through additional members – 400 new members means $40,000. IF EACH AND EVERY MEMBER RECRUITS ONE NEW MEMBER, WE’VE HIT OUR GOAL. Simple as pie.
  2. Investment – We will continue to offer preferred shares equity both to members and to community organizations. So far, we have raised over $20k in preferred shares equity alone – both new memberships and preferred shares count toward our goal.
  3. Gatherings – We will hold informal gatherings with an emphasis on community-building. We will be advertising preferred-investment shares and encouraging people to bring non-members to join the co-op. All members and community organizations are invited to join us at Fair State Brewing August 16 to cap off Build Membership Month.

We are on the homestretch and in order to meet our goal and begin using our federal grant, we need your help!

Here are the ways you can join in our final push to see a cooperative grocery store in North Minneapolis:

    1. Recruit a new member to join Wirth Cooperative Grocery
    2. Reach out to us about preferred share investments – [email protected]p
    3. Volunteer:
      1. Join a committee: Membership/Outreach (most need is here), Investment Campaign, GM Hiring or Governance
      2. Social Media/Crowdfunding support
    Written by: Andrew Ulasich. Edited by Board Members and Ariah Fine