Q: Who is representing the co-op right now?

A: The Wirth Board is currently serving its members, along with its committees. We are nearing a close to our GM hiring campaign, at which time a new face will represent the co-op and serve while the new store is being built.

Q: When will the store get built?

A: Soon. We have a $500k federal grant that needs to be used by September, as well as funding from several local sources. We are currently receiving confirmation on funding sources weekly. Details will be released as soon as paperwork is signed and money is on the table. We will update this FAQ and post new updates as they are released.

Q: You’re hiring local, right?

A: Yes, of course we are! Over 50% of our workforce will be from North Minneapolis. At least 10 employees will earn a living wage.

Q: How can I help?

A: Please see our recent post on Build Membership Month. We mostly need help with outreach, getting current and potential members together to build the momentum we need to open the store.

Q: Wait, crowdfunding?

A: Not now, but we are asking any members with experience to get in touch. Thank you!