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Wirth Co-op History

The idea of Wirth Co-op was initiated by a group of residents from Harrison, Bryn Mawr, and Willard-Hay. They first met in 2007 in efforts to start a food co-op in the neighborhood. They were all driven by the same passion and convictions:

    • The need for accessible food
    • The desire to bring new life into the neighborhood
    • The need to boost the local economy

The group held a raffle and began spreading the word about starting a food co-op. As momentum started to build, the group decided to hold an Annual Meeting on Tuesday, April 22, 2008, which conveniently was Earth Day. The first Board of Directors was elected and within two months had decided on a mission, logo, and the name of Wirth Cooperative Grocery.

Wirth Co-op has come a long way since that initial meeting. WCG incorporated in 2010 and has been growing membership ever since. We received a $500,000 Brick and Mortar federal grant and have partnered with Building Blocks to open a 4,500 sq ft store in the retail level of the Commons at Penn building on Golden Valley Rd and Penn Ave N.